Thursday, 10 March 2016

on creativity

On creativity 

This blog is completely anomalous

I've actually felt stagnant artistically for a while now.

Since starting this blog in 2010,  I have submitted less than ten entries - and most posts are recent as I have only now realized the potential of keeping an online journal.

I'm quite interactive and have used computers to keep a track of my creative output since the age of 6.

But at eighteen, and giving up my (online) correspondent post for full-time studies, I have rarely attempted to write other than factually.

I also think it is the illness plus treatment for it that has blunted my artistic spirit and therefore deadened how much emotion and style I could add to a piece of writing.

(hey its my blog and I can overshare as much as I want ! Yes I have a health problem - that has damaged my creative acuity as well as editing talents)

Some say its that it is a skill to write stylistically whether the content is academic or not.

I find that creativity is not as described by poets, painters, musicians - there might be an instinct but it does not always "magically" draw your art into its final composition.

My scatter brain, filled with holes and pock marks dented from this illness, will probably not return to its original self without God's help.

How has illness changed your creativity? Has it stayed the same, disappeared or weakened, or found a groove?

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