Saturday, 19 March 2016

Don't do bid'ah

She said
hard-work pays off in the end
and they say that so and so clan
are natural leaders and innovators.
but this is not advancement
is it 'O ummah!

High rise apartments @ stainburn forest
or the Amazon
isn't the reality uglier
Even they wouldn't demarc
such vital landscapes
Yet as the best nation ever raised up from mankind
can't we see how foolish we look
competing and competing
remember the opening of Surah Takathur
before you cross the finish line

Who do you think you are
the walls are soaked with your wailing
so now we copy the Jews
or is it the Christians
you immolate to feel something
to feel the pain of the religious figure
who would never emulate your ways

Somalia, Gaza, Northern Nigeria, Mali,
Pakistan, Syria
If the Ummah is one body
they aim for the heart
and if the heart is corrupted...

Go figure

1 comment:

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