Wednesday, 11 August 2010

What I dislike about where I live (it ruins ramadan for me)

'X' town in London annoys me.

Why does 'X' town annoy me? (X is the town I live in. Don't worry, knowing myself, I will accidentally reveal X's identity in a future post).

Its in London, number 1. What do I dislike about London?

Its low rape conviction rates. What does that mean? I believe the pathetic conviction rates in this city gives leeway to evil male predators to scourge the darkest of alleys, underpasses, and corners, for vulnerable situations to pounce on . When the hour strikes midnight, X's witching hour commences. The crooks of X slither around the streets, looking for dark sports to convene through.

They have essentially stolen the night (well, for females).

So what do has any of this got to do with Ramadan, you think, presumably?

Well, this month's Isha is later than usual, around half ten.

A while after Isha, the all important Taraweeh prayers begin. The rewards and benefits of these prayers are immense.

Because of X and London's rape conviction problems, I am essentially housebound during the night of Ramadan, whilst my brother and cousin are free to take the bikes and zoom all through X to attend Taraweeh prayers at X's main Mosque (or Masjid).

Heck, my Brother can go to Asda at 3 in the morning, to get his Suhur, and come back in one piece, using the bike, I think he even walks it sometimes!

I would go with them, but I have a feeling I cramp their style. I can tell by with their unenthusiastic groans after I ask them if they could take the bus with me after Taraweeh(and I am definitely not coming home by myself, after one horrid experience I had walking around X past midnight - No, I didn't get raped, Thanks to Allah).

The problem is, I feel I am missing a good chunk of the Ramadan spirit by missing out of Taraweeh prayers in the Mosque. The feeling is not the same, when praying at home in your room. Praying side by side with absolute strangers, my sisters, of all races and ages, bowing down to the One God and chiming 'Ameen' in unison after the Fatiha, gives you a sense of self worth, you feel integrated into a community of people united to by a great Love for the One. It doesn't count when you are doing it in your house, with 'Pod' from 'Snog, Marry, Avoid' barking orders on the television on BBC 3 .

So either I learn to drive (never gonna happen - I'm too scared of crashing in a highway).

Or a become a man.

The odds are stacked against me. Looks like another Ramadan at home, mum, sister, (female) cousin, Peace TV and me.

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