Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The struggle is musical

According to Ibn Masud "The Love of the Quran and the love of music cannot combine in the heart of a believer"

The morning is a real clash of interests for me - stave off the depression and misery of waking up to the disorientated schedule of uni/Arabic revision with morning adkhar and recitations of the Qur'an or with the fizzle of rock and roll music? 

Surely to help myself out of the grave of home life I should start looking in my heart and not give it to the falseness of a pop poem, that offer short-term throwaway solutions to the questions of life - destroy everything, wallow, gaze at your shoes, destroy yourself in a fit of nihilistic young despair. 

One of my favorite songs included some blasphemy in its lyrics. In this track, the singer sings that the protagonist had 'laid with the devil' and 'cursed the [heavens] above'. 

This song and the quote from Ibn Masud perfectly crystallize the contradictions within myself. 

I would not blindly follow 'trends' that are set by celebrities and musicians,  especially when those 'trends' contradict my faith. 

And in my religion, music is considered a vain pastime. 

I think of the influence that celebrities and singers have over people.  For example if a famous musician sponsors a cause, the movement becomes popularized and open to mass appropriation. The average fan will adopt a cause as a fashionable statement, not as a stance. For example, do we as consumers of pop music take seriously the issue of police brutality against ethnic minorities after listening to a conscious rap song or do we want to smash our disingenuous fists in the air without solidarity to communities that are effected? 

Has this commercialization of political causes numbed us to the realities of the causes that we blind-follow, or do we investigate any further.

Therefore, I am dedicating this thread to the recent death of American Muslim Hamza Warsame. 

At the age sixteen, he was an early admit at one of Seattle's state colleges (ma sha Allah) . Fellow students claim that the death of this bright and capable young person was caused by a racist classmates, that he was working on a project with. 

Police marked the cause of his death as 'un-suspicious'. Some members on an Islamic forum that I am a part of  say that this was a hate crime and I agree that the context of  his death was certainly suspicious. Plus one poster has added that as a contemporary of Hamza (they went to the same College), she is completely sure that his death was a hate crime -  it was on a backdrop of increasing racial tensions in their hometown. 

His death has raised a few questions for me personally. I have mostly dropped public activism on my part, lets say I no longer attend demonstrations in real life and yell about social justice for hours on internet comments sections. I have unfortunately - cliched I know - 'mellowed with age'.  I associate protest with my teen years;  but  this makes me think -was I just there for the thrill? Did I truly do the cause, for y'know, the actual cause? 

Have we as a generation become so numb to the insidious hate around us that we cannot with face up to oppression with honesty or does it have to be excused by celebrity endorsement and self-involvement - what do I get out of it? An adrenaline rush? A thrill? Cool Kid points?A Selfie Moment?

Its hard to feel sorry for someone thats died when we can't even have sympathy for our own dead selves.

We are emotionally dead.

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